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World Meat Free Day Comes to the Philippines

Going meat-free isn’t just about going healthy by reducing meat-derived cholesterol and fat from your diet. Unknown to many, going meat-free is also better for the planet! According to studies, meat production is a major driver of climate change since it is the second biggest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, it emits more greenhouse gases than all forms of global transportation or industrial processes. 

Raising awareness about this connection between meat consumption and climate change is the main thrust of World Meat Free Day. From its successful debut in the United Kingdom in 2015, World Meat Free Day comes to the Philippines this June 13, 2016 to push for ‘less but better’ approach in food choices and consumption. One does not need to entirely give up meat but may consider foregoing it for one meal every now and then - a step, when done collectively, may significantly curb the impact of meat production on the environment.

Monde Nissin, through its brand Quorn, supports the advocacy to reduce meat consumption. Other organizations that celebrated World Meat Free Day in the Philippines are Bantay Kalikasan, Climate Reality Project Philippines, Luntiang Lunes, Slow Food Philippines, Nurturers of the Earth, and Miriam College. Learn more about the campaign through www.worldmeatfreeday.com