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Monde Nissin Partners with Uniqlo for UT Southeast Asian Collaboration

Eating is not just the only way to enjoy your favorite food brands. With the launch of Monde Nissin and Uniqlo’s Southeast Asian Collaboration tees, you can now double the fun by wearing them!

Through its brands Lucky Me!, the Philippines’ leading instant noodles brand, and Bingo Cookie Sandwich, a favorite snack among teens, Monde Nissin teamed up with Uniqlo for its UT collection which includes trendy shirts for men and women. Monde Nissin and Uniqlo unveiled 4 designs for the collaboration, which became available on June 27 and were offically launched to the press on June 28. 

One of the two Lucky Me! shirts feature the iconic logo of the brand together with its mascot Lucky M!. Another design showcases the La Paz Batchoy logo in Go Cup, a flavor that Lucky Me! first introduced in the market and has been a favorite since then.

Be lovestruck with the Bingo Cookie Sandwich shirts designs, which feature the logo and heart-shaped cookie sandwiches.

These limited edition shirts are sold at Php 590 each in Uniqlo stores nationwide. As for the fans of the brands from Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, worry not as you may purchase directly from Uniqlo stores in your countries.