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Monde Nissin Partners with Kellogg's for the Philippine Market

The turn of the year ushered in a new venture for Monde Nissin as it sealed partnership with Kellogg’s for product distribution in the Philippines. The partnership is set to grow Kellogg’s breakfast cereals and snacking categories by expanding the local reach of its ready-to-eat cereal products and iconic potato chip brand Pringles. 

Kellogg’s offers a wide product assortment led by its flagship product, Corn Flakes, the first and leading flaked cereal globally. The company is also behind well-known cereal brands Froot Loops, Frosties, and Special K. In 2012, Kellogg’s took in the business of Pringles which tripled the size of its international snacks business and catapulted the company as one of the major players in the potato chips industry. 

The strategic partnership paves the way for Monde Nissin’s expansion into two new categories and strengthens Kellogg’s presence in the Philippine market.

Know more about Kellogg’s by visiting their website at http://www.kelloggcompany.com/.