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Monde Nissin and Nudie Teams Up in Australia

The start of 2015 signaled another new beginning for Monde Nissin. Through Monde Nissin (Australia) Pty. Ltd., the company acquired Nudie - manufacturer, marketer and distributor of pure premium juices in Australia.

Nudie started in the kitchen of founder Tim Pethick who made different fruit juices and smoothies for his wife and kids. After coming up with his own delicious concoctions, he wondered why he couldn’t find a bottled juice that was made with nothing but fruit, similar to what he prepared for his family. It was because of this consumer gap that Nudie was born – a line of fruit juices without preservatives, without colorings, without additives, without concentrates or added sugar.

Launched in the market only in 2003, Nudie has risen as Australia’s number one chilled juice brand in the grocery segment and is one of the top 20 most desired food and beverage brands in the Asia Pacific. It continues its tradition of using only the finest fruits from Australian farms with no added preservatives or concentrates in the production of all of its juices until today. Nudie also owns one of the leading coconut water brands in Australia. More recently, the company launched a range of carbonated beverages made with 50% real fruit, and with no preservatives, colors, concentrates or artificial flavors added.

In partnering with Monde Nissin, Chief Nudie James Ajaka said, “This event is a great opportunity for us to work closely with the Monde Nissin group and capitalize on their extensive experience and presence in several Asian markets. We also look forward to working together to ensure the Nudie brand goes from strength to strength here in Australia.”

To know more about Nudie and its range of products, visit www.nudie.com.au.