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Kratos Strong Coffee Dares to Defy the Day

When the daily grind gets to you, Kratos Strong Coffee is here to give you your weapon of choice to Defy the Day.

Brewed for the urban warrior, Kratos Strong Coffee is a new ready-to-drink coffee product made from dark roasted coffee beans. Infused with single and double shot of espresso to give you that strong, refreshing taste, ready to enjoy anytime, anywhere – keeping you focused and always in the game, whether at work, surfing waves, or just out with your friends. This is Kratos Strong Coffee -- the way coffee should be.

Our mission is to help you follow your passion. Break free from the chains of time. Take a can of Kratos Strong Coffee to Defy the Day.

Kratos Strong Coffee comes in 4 variants: Double Shot Espresso Black and Original Latte; Single Shot Espresso Vanilla Latte, and Cafe Mocha. All come conveniently in a 240ml can. For that bold, refreshing taste, best served chilled.