Our Company's Heart

At Monde Nissin, we place high regard in our consumers' holistic well-being in line with our mission to uplift the lives of people we serve.

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Communities and Environment Matter to Us

Monde Nissin partners with organizations actively involved in community development in bringing aid to local areas stricken by calamities. The company has tied up with GMA Kapuso Foundation, ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, and the Philippine Red Cross to bring relief goods to families affected by typhoons.

Monde Nissin values water as a basic need. The company ensures efficient usage of water in all areas of production and maintains zero wastewater discharge by using 100% of its wastewater for auxiliary purposes such as gardening and toilet facilities. In the area of waste reduction, the manufacturing plant decreased the total volume of wastes in its waste management facilities by 30% in 2015. Systematic approach to waste management is observed on a daily basis, which consists of responsible waste segregation and disposal. Reuse and recycling of utilizable materials are observed as part of the plant’s waste recovery efforts.

Monde Nissin strives to maintain a sustainable environment. The company ensures efficient use of energy resources in its manufacturing operations. Production facilities utilize combined heat and power in its energy-generation operations, which allows lower carbon emissions. In recognition of the company’s compliance to environmental laws, Monde Nissin was given the green rating by the Laguna Lake Development Authority.