Our Company's Heart

At Monde Nissin, we place high regard in our consumers' holistic well-being in line with our mission to uplift the lives of people we serve.

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Families Matter to Us


Monde Nissin, through its flagship brand Lucky Me!, launched the Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga (Family Mealtime Matters) advocacy which aims to encourage families to gather during dinner and share meaningful conversations over meals. Studies showed that children who share mealtime with their families are less likely to get into illegal substances, vices, alcohol,  tobacco, and unhealthy relationships leading to pre-marital sex. Done regularly, shared meals help nurture the bond between parents and children which is instrumental in shaping the children’s future.

Beyond their homes, children also form relationships and seek belongingness within their immediate circles such as schools. Recognizing the role school plays in the values and habit formation among children, Monde Nissin partners with the Department of Education in equipping teachers with lesson tools about healthy family relationship and communication among elementary and high school students.

The significance of the advocacy is strengthened with the support given by the President of the Philippines, Benigno Aquino III. Through Presidential Proclamation 326 dated January 26, 2012, every 4th Monday of September is celebrated as Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga Day all over the Philippines

With Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga, Monde Nissin aims…


Children Matter to Us

Monde Nissin created the Pack and Play Program to help parents in guiding their children towards holistic wellness. Now on its 7th year, the company partners with 400 elementary schools nationwide to promote active lifestyle and develop social, mental, and emotional skills among children. Through physically engaging activities and fun lessons, children learn about proper exercises, right conduct, and good habits.

Monde Nissin opened the doors of its Lucky Me! Noodle Factory to welcome kids and kids-at-heart who are eager to learn how instant noodles are made. At the Noodle Factory, visitors are walked through the steps in the production of instant noodles. Students also gain a better appreciation of the importance of good nutrition and regular exercise through an interactive program hosted by Lucky M, the Noodle Factory’s friendly noodle-shaped mascot.

Monde Nissin recognizes the significance of building human resource in paving the way for growth and development of the nation. Empowering the future leaders involves investing on education for the youth. For almost ten years, Monde Nissin has been extending support for its employees’ children through scholarship grants. In 2015, one hundred…


Communities and Environment Matter to Us

Monde Nissin partners with organizations actively involved in community development in bringing aid to local areas stricken by calamities. The company has tied up with GMA Kapuso Foundation, ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, and the Philippine Red Cross to bring relief goods to families affected by typhoons.

Monde Nissin values water as a basic need. The company ensures efficient usage of water in all areas of production and maintains zero wastewater discharge by using 100% of its wastewater for auxiliary purposes such as gardening and toilet facilities. In the area of waste reduction, the manufacturing plant decreased the total volume of wastes in its waste management facilities by 30% in 2015. Systematic approach to waste management is observed on a daily basis, which consists of responsible waste segregation and disposal. Reuse and recycling of utilizable materials are observed as part of the plant’s waste recovery efforts.

Monde Nissin strives to maintain a sustainable environment. The company ensures efficient use of energy resources in its manufacturing operations. Production facilities utilize combined heat and power in its energy-generation operations, which allows lower…